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Our College Courses

Rules and Regulation

1.Student seeking admission to the College shall produce.
A. A Certificate of good character and conduct.
B. Marks-sheet of the last qualifying examination signed by the Head of the institution last attended.
C. Two copies of bust photograph (3”x2”) one to the affixed on the identity card and other for office record.

Provided that a student, who has passed the last qualifying examination as a private candidate shall submit the certificate mentioned above signed by the Head of an educational institution not below the standard of Higher Secondary School.

2. She shall present herself to the Principal with her application for admission duly filled in and signed by her guardian also guaranteeing good behavior of her ward and regular payment of college dues, along with attested copies of certificates mentioned above :

3. The Principal If satisfied after interviewing a student will accept her for admission.

4. The Students accepted by the Principal for admission will deposit college dues and other charges on the same day otherwise acceptance will lapse and will have to be revalidated. On depositing the college dues, receipt will be issued by the Office, which is to be shown by the student to the Principal in order to receive the admission slip indicating her class and subjects of study.

6. Students sending their applications for admission by post will be required in present themselves before the Principal when they come to join their college and shall go through the procedure mentioned above.

7. A candidate seeking admission to the college after the commencement of the session shall be required to pay institutional dues from July of the year.

8. No student who was found guilty of using means in the University Examination or found guilty of a serious breach of college discipline shall be admitted.

9. No student who has found in the University Examination shall be eligible for holding any office in the college.

10. Except with the permission of the Principal of the college of which the student is a member, a student shall be refused admission to another college situated in the same city or district as the college from which her transfer certificate was issued.

When a student has been guilty of grave misconduct or of persistent idleness, or breach of college discipline the Principal may according to the nature and gravity of the office.

(a). Expel

(b). Rusticate for a period not exiting one academic year or.

(c). Disqualify such a student from appearing at the next ensuring examination.

(d). No student who has been so expelled shall be admitted into another college without the permission of the principal of the college and no student who has been rusticated shall be admitted in to another college within the period of the rustication.

All students, who come from other institutions shall submit their transfer certificate with in two weeks of their admission. Students who migrate from other Universities shall submit Migration Certificate Also within three weeks of the admission but in no case later than September 15.They shall also produce certificates relating to having passed the last qualifying examination, date of birth etc.

Preference will be given to First and Second Divisions in admitting students in Science Classes.

The College reserves to itself the right to refuse admission when necessary. General assembly of. the students whenever it is announced or due in regular course, must be attended by all the subjects.

No case will be considered on those announcements which have been made in the General Assembly, but the student has failed to know them on account of being absent or carelessness.

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